About us

Mercè Llosas Via, Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (English and German) by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona is the administrator of GranelWine.com. Merce has participated in several professional and post-graduate courses in foreign trade and international marketing, carried out both in Spain and in the United States. As an entrepreneurial woman, she has always worked by international companies focused on export, which has allowed her to put in practice all the knowledge acquired in the university rooms.

Her position as General Manager of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Peru enabled her to gain experience advising Spanish companies willing to export to Latin America. Back to Spain, she moved to her native Penedès, a region of great wines, where the wine sector kept her attention. Here she pursued a Master of Arts in Enology and Wine Marketing, carried out in Vilafranca del Penedès, and also continued her professional development in two local wine companies geared towards the wine export business.

She also obtained an Advanced Sommelier Degree at the prestigious CETT Tourism School, Barcelona University.

Mercè counts on her collaborators in the region who advise and help her find the best option for her clients at any time.

What we do

GranelWine in collaboration with his partners in situ is the link between cooperatives and private wineries in Spain and foreign buyers. We commercialize white, red and rosé wines, with different degrees, qualities and varieties; fresh, sulphited and concentrated musts; as well as destillates. Since we are permanently in touch with the sellers through our collaborators in the region, we are able to offer the best option for our clients at any time.

The sale and purchase of the different products in bulk is always done directly between buyer and seller. However we support the seller when preparing the documents related to the product delivery and we support the buyer as well in case an incidence occurs during the process of the product transportation.

On the client’s request, we can organize the loading of the product from Spain to any place by truck, train or ship (in bulk or by flexitank)

These are our products

  • White, red and rosé wines, dry or sweet, under all possible categories: wines without IGP/DOP, wines with variety and year, wines with IGP and wines with DOP
  • Fresh must, sulphited must, white and red concentrated must and rectified concentrated must
  • Liqueur and aromatic wines
  • Wine destillate and alcohol.

Ways of working

I take selling off the shoulders of wineries and represent them in transactions with purchasers.

I have a solid knowledge of wines, regions and varietals to mediate sales between winemakers and buyers

I try to make the best arrangements with both buyers and sellers. I serve both.

I have excellent connections with quality producers and know the right buyers.

I work with producers from the majority of wine regions in Spain, with a special focus on the central La Mancha area.

I use the language of the industry and can describe the color, feel and aroma of  wines.

I am a valuable partner to wholesale customers who specialize in specific wines.

I take on meetings and make specific arrangements to meet the needs of buyers and sellers.

I am always ready to update clients on what the coming year’s yields might be.

I am efficient and well organized so as to adjust to my clients’ schedule.

Mercè Llosas Via, winebroker, GranelWine
Vilafranca del Penedès 08720 Barcelona Spain
Phone: +34 686 263 936
Fax: +34 93 890 05 99
Skype: mercegranelwine
Email: merce@granelwine.com


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